COVID Infection Testing FAQs

What kind of tests do you perform for active infections?

We perform molecular tests when testing for active infections. Molecular tests have been shown to have an increased accuracy for identifying negative results.

What is the testing process?

Medical staff uses special swabs to collect samples from deep within the nose.

The testing can be briefly uncomfortable.

Please note, due to recent changes with COVID testing, depending on your insurance, type of test selected or reason for receiving a test, a fee may be charged. We will inform you before testing.

What can I do to get my test results back faster?

When filling out your paperwork on your phone, be sure to accept the “consent to get your results electronically” and give us your email address.

How will I get my results?

Our central office team is working with labs to get your results.

Emails are sent with negative results when possible.

If email results are not possible or if your results are positive, a member of our team will call you with your results.

Those with positive results will also receive follow-up care information.

Local clinics will not have access to your results, but can answer other questions after your appointment.

When will I get my results?

Most results are obtained within 72 hours.

Our staff will let you know when to expect your results phone call at time of testing.

Please wait at least 4 days before calling to check on your results.

Please Note: If you have questions related to your symptoms or treatment please call us immediately.

What factors affect when my results will be available?

COVID tests are sent to specific labs for testing.

Tests taken late in the afternoon/evening or Friday-Monday can experience delays.

In rare cases, shipping delays can also impact timing.

Some insurance plans require specific testing centers which may also delay results.

What should I do if my results are NEGATIVE?

You were likely not infected at the time your sample was collected.

You may still be affected if:
– The sample was collected while you were early in your infection
– You were exposed after your test

Please continue to take preventative measures.

Click here for CDC guidelines for protecting yourself and others.

What should I do if my results are POSITIVE?

Avoid being in close quarters with others.

Follow instructions from the doctor.

You may also use these CDC guidelines.

Try keeping in separate rooms and using a separate bathroom.

If this is not possible, do your best to clean and disinfect the surfaces touched the most. (Learn more about disinfecting.)

How do I care for someone who has tested positive?

If you see any worrisome symptoms (difficulty breathing, confusion, inability to wake up) please seek care immediately at our facility or a facility of your choice

Pay attention to and treat symptoms.

Follow instructions from the doctor.

You may also use these CDC guidelines.

Have them drink lots of fluids and rest.

Take care of errands for them and limit their exposure to people and pets.

Learn more about caring for others.