Quality of Testing and Results

The COVID-19 healthcare market is evolving rapidly, and please know we stand with you to navigate the health care market to ensure that the care, testing, and referrals you receive from us are safe for you and your family.

Are all COVID tests the same?

No. All tests and testing technology are not the same. Quality is very important to Crucial Care because your health matters. That is why Crucial Care is Joint Commission accredited and our labs are CLIA certified (moderate complexity).

We commit to providing only the highest quality care, tests, and test results, and that is why we are only leveraging tests that are greater than 95% Sensitive and greater than 99% Specific related to the detection of COVID-19.

There are three types of tests:

Molecular tests (including PCR tests) amplify the genetic material of COVID-19 to increase the sensitivity of the test. These test are presently considered the gold standard for detection of active infections. These are the tests we use for active infections.

Antigen testing is completely different. These tests only look for markers the virus leaves behind or that exist on viruses in the sample. That makes antigen tests less sensitive, meaning some samples that should test positive are wrongly marked as negative.

Antibody tests look for antibodies made by your immune system in response the virus. Antibodies can take several days or weeks to develop after you have an infection and may stay in your blood for several weeks or more.

How useful is each type of test?

Below is our latest review of how useful the different types of tests are.

High Usefulness

Testing ModalitiesAvailability & AccessMin Turnaround TimeMax Turnaround Time
Molecular TestingHospitals<24 hours
(Limited supplies; limited to patients only in most cases)
>5 days
(Typical during high-demand)
Molecular Testing Urgent Care<36 hours>10 days
(Typical during high-demand)
Molecular TestingCrucial Care®<36 hours >72 hours

Low Usefulness

Antigen testing can deliver fast test results, but are less accurate in reporting negative results. When the patient receives a negative result from an antigen test, the CDC states that these tests “may need to be confirmed with a molecular test.”

Testing ModalitiesAvailability & AccessMin Turnaround TimeMax Turnaround Time
Antigen Testing Urgent<12 hour>5 days
Antigen TestingPrimary Care<12 hour>5 days

Very Low Usefulness

Antibody tests should not be used to diagnose an active coronavirus infection and researchers do not know if antibodies mean you are immune to the coronavirus in the future.

Testing ModalitiesAvailability & AccessMin Turnaround TimeMax Turnaround Time
Antibody Testing Hospitals<12 hour>5 days
Antibody TestingReference Labs<12 hour>5 days
Antibody TestingCrucial Care®<12 hour>5 days